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  1. Xuejun Yuan Goldberg


    An entrepreneur based in Burbank, California, Xuejun Yuan Goldberg has led real estate investment company Bayfair Enterprises for more than a decade. In her work with the company, which she founded in 2000, Xuejun Yuan Goldberg handles both single-family homes and commercial properties, including rentals. Additionally, she negotiates short sales and foreclosures and seeks out investment opportunities involving renewable energy.

    In her efforts to maintain and grow the business, the real estate executive draws on experience acquired at Western Active Sitewave, where she served as chief executive officer for 10 years. In her first six months with the company, she increased business tenfold. Over the course of her tenure, Western Active Sitewave maintained consistently strong performance.

    Xuejun Yuan Goldberg’s entrepreneurial mentality extends to her private life. The recipient of an MBA from Heald College, she enjoys building on her knowledge of marketing and real estate and exploring new business opportunities. Additionally, she frequently undertakes do-it-yourself projects. An experienced traveler and home chef, she tends to an organic garden, and she seeks out the world’s best foods in the course of her travels.




    Heald College
    Heald College , Burbank, California
    Graduated: 1989
    Grade: MBA

    Employment History

    January 2000 – Present: CEO and Owner
    Company: Bayfair Enterprises
    Burbank, California
    CEO and Owner

    Hobbies & Interests

    Swimming, dancing and yoga.

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